Patagonia Hybrid Pack


 In the article we will review the Patagonia Hybrid Pack, as the name says a hybrid between a wading jacket and a small backpack.


Let’s start looking at the front section, here we have a classical wading west look, lots of storage bags in different sizes to carry all the needed gear during a fishing trip, perfect to hold the lure boxes or spare spools, you also find a small Velcro on the closure of one bag, provided with a foam fly patch to hold/dry flies. We are using it for our name tags.

On the chest part you have some small pockets on both sides to hold smaller stuff, and beside and over it some laces to attach tools like pliers a nipper or even your tippet holder


On the backside you find a 7 liter backpack divided into 2 sections, the main one and a second one thought for holding a hydration bag, on both shoulder parts you have a small a small opening to pass the hose thru, and on the front next to the chest strap there is the attachment system for hose and mouthpiece of the hydro bag. In the main compartment you have enough space for everything you need in the daypack.


On the outside we find a chord to attach our wading jacket or other clothes so they don’t fill up the main inner compartment. In the side you have a small bungee cord to fix a rod tube which you can decide to place either right or left, depending on your casting.


In the top back section you have a carrying handle made out of Cordura and the attachment for a landing net

In the inner part on the front part you will find 4 pockets, 2 sealed ones for important items and 2 mesh pockets, and in the back a comfortable soft pad.


The old model had Khaki, while the new one has a Rattan colour wich are both pretty good to avoid to be seen meters away in the nature.


Overall a really good product, both for fly and spin fishers who wants to have all the essential stuff on them without the need to carry shoulder bags, lure boxes and other stuff. It has a big range of trimming positions to get the perfect fit for every fisher, very important is the neck part made of neoprene, wich remains comfortable the whole day without becoming scratchy on your neck


It is very light witch makes it confortable to be worn the whole day without annoying the shoulders, in our opininon a good product, worth it’s money


We own it now since 2 years and won't miss it anymore!!!