Truscend Nesat 9ft 8wt

In this short review we will talk you about the Truscend Nesat 9 ft 8 wt fast action rod.


The rod details are really good, hi carbon Japanese blank in 4 pieces, perfect to be stored and transported, 2 sic ring and 8 snake guides, full wells AAA grade cork handle with fighting butt.

The rod design is pretty nice, black screw reel holder, with carbon look, factory logo and specifics on the shiny green coloured rod blank, with dots on the junctions for a correct alignment.


The rod is delivered in its hard rod tube covered in cordura with carrying handle and stitched factory logo.


You can use the rod both in fresh or salt water, and the handling with big heavy streamers is great, but we think the action is more moderate fast, which actually in our opinion is just perfect for such a rod as the slower and smoother curve while preparing to shoot the line allows the angler to precisely prepare direction, length and strength of the cast, it also allows to smoothly lay the line on the water for a 8wt line which is also a great help for spooky still water fishes.


We had the chance to test the rod both in running water for big marmorata with heavy bottom jigs and in still water for pike using bulky pike streamers and the performance in both contexts war really great.

The feeling while stripping in line was excellent in both conditions and the manoeuvrability of the lire great.

Even while fighting fishes the rod performs good, nice spine but still having a good sensibility, we had the chance to fight a nice pike in a lake and some decent trout in running water during out testing.


Finally we can say that the rod is definitely on a close level of performance to the more known and expensive gear and is a great product in manner of quality and performance, but we did not expect it to not be so as the rod is coming out of a manufacturer working in jigging and sea rod business since 15 years.

Truscend’s start in fly rod business is definitely gone well with the Nesat 9 ft  8 wt and 5 wt( which we review in a separate article) and if you are now interested in their rods visit to have a look at their full product range.